• A fashion landmark in each destination

    Founded in Arona, on the bank of Lake Maggiore, VIETTI has travelled along the river, opening a new shop with a new purpose in each location. Each boutique brings luxury fashion to every visitor, contributing to the lives of the people in the area and respecting the culture of each settlement. As VIETTI has evolved we have expanded our horizons to four shops in Italy and three in Switzerland.

As time progressed, VIETTI has innovated, bringing new energy and visions to historic foundations.

Working with acclaimed architects, VIETTI appreciates what we can contribute to the landscape whilst respecting its natural beginning. With shop designs that individually reflect the energy of its location and purpose, we aim to create experiences that enrich and enhance where we situate.

The shop is more than four walls, it is the humans that make it what it is.

The personal touch is what VIETTI started with, and we maintain that in everything that we do. Each shop is staffed by knowledgeable and passionate individuals with expertise and understanding of their customers. Entering a shop is a conversation between the architecture, the staff and the fashion with with each individual visitor.


70 years of Style as a Destination

VIETTI was born on the bank of Lake Maggiore, and the water has been a source of inspiration for everything we do. The purest form of luxury is the beauty that the earth provides us and living in harmony with it.

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